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In Memory Of John Atkinson

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  • With a focus on healthy living, we are a growing resource of information and a place of camaraderie. We discuss achieving a Healthy life,even through a Pregnancy, Family life, Natural Responsive Parenting, Canadian home Learning, Babywearing, Health, Spirituality, home based business support, Medieval reenactment and just about anything else that is of interest. We encourage fact based research and making educated choices.

  • To read about our local Homeschool support group. click here: Family Village Homeschool Association~
    FVHA is an acronym for Family Village Homeschool Association, a nonprofit organization founded to encourage and support families interested in home education. FVHA assists parents in understanding and fulfilling the laws requirements in Ontario and is affiliated with a few other local popular organizations. FVHA provides leadership and direction on issues facing Christian homeschooling families locally and on a Province wide basis. Home Teaching is a rapidly growing movement in Ontario and across the nation.

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